Monday, 15 June 2015

My World

I love the feeling of success. With every climb I (or anybody else) climbs in the Moors, it feels that little bit more worked out. There's a sadness to that, as there's one less thing to explore and uncover, but it's like making a new friend. Every climb that I think back to - say "The Currents Of Change" (E6 6c) at Duck Crag- I of course remember my own experience, but also I think of the cliff, the line, the animals and the concept of a climb that takes pride of place in that architecture. That idea brings me a great warmth. Even the imagining of a line climbed by someone else - say "Sanctuary" (E6 6b) at Eskdale Crag - anchors a point of apparent reality into my mental canvass of the blank map of the Moors. I take great pleasure in looking at or the crags map on UKC, looking at all the new buttresses that have sprong from nowt - it feels like a new spring of vibrant life has struck the Moors.

Stoupe Brow - The Face of Barry Project from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

The more I climb in other areas, the happier I am with what has happened in the Moors. The natural reaction would be to have a sense of loss for the next generation in the Moors, with all those class lines that are now climbed, but we're still nowhere near the halfway point of what the Moors has to offer.

It's possible that within the next decade most of the very good sub H10 stuff will have been climbed, but there's still loads of stuff worth doing at all grades and of course the next generation should be climbing harder than this anyway. As I've explored other areas, I've realised how blessed the Moors is with absolutely nails lines. There are things in the Moors that I know are physically possible, but that I know I will never touch. The miraculous thing here is that the breaks often afford no gear, so what would be an E7 7b in the peak has potential to be ridiculously hard.

A couple of weeks after Divine Moments Of Truth, I'm feeling kind of similar to the way I always feel. There is something harder and bolder coming, there is great joy in what has past and there are dreams even beyond what I will achieve. With every route I climb, the more content I am with the Moors.

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