Friday, 28 August 2015

Crux linked in 2 halves


Very messily, I managed to scrabble through the moves to do the central 6 metres of the route in 2 halves. Maybe that doesn't sound like very much, but, perhaps just behind doing the individual moves for the first time,  those links are probably the most important step on the way to climbing this thing.

And yet, at this very organised and clinical stage of the route, I've been reinvigorated by the beauty of this route. At every level this project is nothing but beautiful. The massive span of sky and moor breaks only for sweeping dale and yet more moor. The crag stands majestic and omniscient, sheltered, taking pride of place in it's little dale. The line needs no description. And then there are the holds...

Sandstone isn't flat. The hold is not a homogenous mass, with a single smooth surface. When you focus in, you see the crystals sometimes standing 3 crystal-widths out. The holds undulate. To learn to do the moves, is to know how to hold the holds. These micro-features are critical.

So how far am I off being able to do it? MILLLEEESSSSS. Well, perhaps not that far. I'm maybe getting on for halfway there, which considering I've only been working it 3 months, is decent progress. At this rate I may be setting out for the solo in 2016, rather than 2017. Let's not get ahead of ourselves anyway, there is some serious work to do...

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