Friday, 21 August 2015

Video: Summer Round-up 2015

Perhaps rather premature - indeed today has seen a surprising 2nd ascent of Elysian Fields (E7 6a/b) - but let's get some of all that activity written about!

2015 has seemed very long. It started early for me, with a lot of cold and pain in pursuit of the Moors' 2nd H10. Since then I've taken a back seat, watching the hoards of people smashing out new routes all over the shop as well as numerous first repeats and rare ascents.

Maybe start with the names? The usual crowd of Dave, Matt, Steve and I has been met with the returning raiders Mark and Neil. These two, supported by Verity here and there, have repeated an unprecedented number of E7s, including Die by the Sword, Fresh Arete, The White Scoop and Collateral. They've also climbed a trio of top-notch new routes. Ripple (highball E5 slab) would be a classic anywhere; similarly the final moves of Dark Star (E7 6c) are absolute beauts. Never been on the 3rd, Flying Squirrel (E6 6c), but I know the wall it climbs and it's an intimidating line that!

This year has finally seen the Hullista James Oakes open his Moors new-routing account. He's long been active on the Moors, but only this year turned his attentions to the stupendous crack of Walrus Buttress at Stoupe to give 'Eyebrow' (E6 6c). That's a stiff E6 and a line a lot of people have been ey(brow)ing.

Some Shit Climbers in the North Yorkshire Moors from Nan on Vimeo.

Steve Ramsden was climbing with Mr. Oakes and has now done almost everything at Stoupe. This includes ascents of the White Scoop (E7 6b), Panda to the Masses (E6 6c) and Wave of Inspiration (E7 6c), but also new routes such as Panda to the Waves, Wave to the Pandas (E6 6c) and Ram-raid.

Ferrier, as always, seems to beaver his way into proceedings. He's repeated most of all the routes mentioned above. Hopefully he can remain uninjured for long enough to actually climb something at his limit (probably pretty mentally hard).

It'a also worth a mention that Tom Randall popped by to climb 'The art of non-conformity' (E7 6c). This is a real steep line at High Crag. Fab route; so well known as a project that it featured in the old guidebook!

The last spot is for Mr. Wizzy, Chris van der Whitehead. With brash confidence, proclaiming he was going to Danby crag, by himself, having never been to the crag before, to climb the suicidal Elysian Fields (E7 6a). He did just that today. Solo. Hopefully lots more to come from him. Next up is the Hypocrisy of Moose apparently..

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