Sunday, 24 January 2016

Spring falleth on wild ears

The twinkle now shines through the far rocks of key heugh, with the moist steam of winter still lingering in thick haze.

The strife battles between the ears on a question of when the time comes. So much love. So much need for the adventure of a lifetime in painted crystal expression.

I see a line day in day out that roars such a horrid obsession, it scarce allows survival. I see my whole life stretch forth and up-wall upon the time of departure.

The gentle swathe of pain is and shall be the highest legacy of free spirit in me. On the moment of departure I become a demigod - To surrender all earthly treasures in the pursuit of the truest of all brilliance. I become a channel for the genius of the natural lines of sandstone. Of Key Heugh and the tripping dales of scorched heather, I become.

In the fine detailed endless-linking world of man, I rip a single thought to rebare a brand new schema of existence. Here, all that matters is what ripples on the fingertips and throbs in my mind. Here out-pokes the very essence of  my mortality. So much so that it twists to my immortality.   For behold! The finest engraving of my prickled mind takes that jelly-mold of inside-out arete.

What kind of madness is this, that takes a whole winter's rain and deluges fierce the greatest lampoon of horrid gopp? I rise a dry being of promised hope. I rise the next mortal to cross the bounds of endless flight. I am he that sees the terrifying future of selfless expression.

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