Clemmitts Magic from Mike Adams on Vimeo.

Die By The Sword (H7 6c**), The White Scoop (E7 6b***) and Waves Of Inspiration (H7 7a***) from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

Mane Vision FA- E5 6c**

Snotterbad Little Movie... from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.
A Day at Snotterdale

Danby- Chocolate Moose among other things...

The Finger V11

Res Publica Ground Up FA (E6 6c*)

Clemmitt's Bouldering

Round Crag/Blakey Ridge Ice climbing. from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

Now for festive alcoholism and saltburn  see cliffs. Waaaayyy

Two new routes at round crag:

Round Crag New Routes- from Franco Cookson on Vimeo.

20 metre groundfall:

A video from Steve Ramsden:

Moors Extra '09 from Ram Man on Vimeo.

broken hand:

Franco's Downfall from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.
Farndale Fayer E5 6b**

The Web E5 6a**

Best font 7a in the moors?

Firsts at the Ingleby Incline from Raw Edge Days on Vimeo.